When the name of the game is capturing children, capturing attention comes first. But HOLDING that attention? For a 45 minute shoot? HA! "What planet are you visiting Pal? My kids are NOT the sit-still-and smile type. Mine are the hair-pulling-top-of-their-lungs-screaming-running-around-like-a-crazy-person-mom-when-are-we-done type"..... Until they met Sheri. The kid whisperer? Maybe. Super talented? Absolutely! Sheri is a mix of child psychologist, artist, and most important of all, parent. She has honed her craft after 13 years experience.  Don't believe us? Check out the 7 galleries of Bella images on the site; each one a testament to the Bella Experience. 

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The only thing that trumps her love for photography is her love for kids. Her experience in working with children comes, not just from being a mom of two, but from her many years as an All Star cheerleading coach. Along with teaching them the skills of cheerleading, she played off their "inner sass" to always keep things super fun and energetic, much like during one of her shoots. She has been extensively trained under Sheri and has been with Bella Bambino since 2013, first in Orange County, CA, then Denver, then STL and now back in sunny southern California! Heidi cannot wait to show you her passion for children and photography and how she merges the two together to have each and every image bursting with personality!



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Wondering where your shoot will be? Will it be indoors?.... outdoors? Will there be fancy backdrops and lots of equipment? NO WAY to that question!!! Sheri and Heidi prefer to shoot in more natural environments instead of posing your family in front of busy backdrops and having you say "cheese". They bring out the real smiles and personalities of each person in your family! Scroll through to read about their locations!

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When you shoot with Sheri, you are lucky enough to get two completely different settings! You get to shoot in her studio which features hardwood floors and a huge front window that allows gorgeous natural light to pour in. And then step right outside onto Broadway in downtown Cape Girardeau! Now you get the brick, the old buildings, the colors, the textures! She has found the perfect alleys, nooks and crannies, with gorgeous natural light, to really make your kiddos shine. Be ready for a lot fun and huge belly laughs when you shoot with Sheri!



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Heidi LOVES to take advantage of California's natural beauty in addition to the cool downtown areas throughout southern California. A few of her favorites are Old Towne Orange, downtown San Juan Capistrano, Carlsbad Village and of course, the beach!! (Psst... be sure to ask Heidi about her highly sought after double location of Carlsbad Village and the beach during golden hour!!) Whether you are looking for a more beachy feel or want to go with Bella Bambino's classic look of brick and colors and textures, she has the perfect location for you and your family. And by downtown areas, don't expect to be shooting on the main drag. You will be behind, between and in cool little nooks and crannies of buildings. Remember with Bella Bambino, it's never just a typical shoot!

*serving SD, OC, LA areas



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Ever want to freeze time so your little one never tires of her favorite stuffed bunny?... or your son always loves building model airplanes with Daddy?... or to just gather the kiddos in the kitchen to bake cookies with Mommy? If you have a spacious home with an abundance of natural light, Sheri and Heidi would love to come to your home and capture your kiddos in their own environment with all of their passions in this moment in time.

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there is a certain happiness in being silly and ridiculous.

I can’t say enough about our experiences with Sheri at Bellabambino! Sheri has been so accommodating each time and has given us the most amazing photos! My walls just keep collecting more because I can’t bring myself to replace them when we take new pictures. We have never had a bad picture that Sheri has taken and that says a lot when you have two little boys! Bellabambino will always be my go-to for memories of my boys! 

Leanna Dewitt Kinder



I cannot say enough about our Bella Bambino experience! Sheri is an absolute expert with children of all ages! Her bubbly personality gets the whole family laughing and she gets genuine smiles out of even the shyest children! 
The first time My family got to experience the “Bella Bambino” experience my daughter wasn’t feeling well AT ALL... and I, as a mom who wanted that day to perfect, was STRESSED! I just knew the day was going to be a waste! But, Sheri pulled through for us! She got my little one to laughing and playing and I felt at ease as soon as I walked through her door! 
If you are looking for amazing pictures that showcase you and your family in a “real life” environment, she’s your gal! I have had the pleasure of working with her 3 times and have LOVED every single image she has captured!

Deana Janes



Heidi is an INCREDIBLE skilled, patient, loving family photographer. We LOVE her and trust her with all our business and family pictures. You will be so happy with her incredible services! I HIGHLY recommend her and Bella Bambino.




My entire family loves the Bella Bambino experience. It began several years ago, when my kids were young and out of control. It was the most stress free experience because Sheri entertained them and did everything. The images that captured their spirits perfectly. All these years later, she’s still making my kids laugh so hard they think they might pee their pants. It really is a family fun day and the images are beyond amazing!

Tosha Pattengill



Now that we’ve experienced a photo shoot with Sheri at Bella Bambino, it would be very difficult to go elsewhere! Her images are stunning. She captured some of the most beautiful expressions on my little boy’s face, and she truly made his big, sweet eyes sparkle.. the photos we got after both shoots are a treasure to me! Sheri is also one of the cutest, sweetest, most fun photographers you’ll ever work with! She bounces around, giggles, and is so animated.. it’s no wonder kids love her and smile their best smiles when she’s around! She is amazing.. I highly recommend her for photography for your family!

Rachael Daume



Sheri makes the entire process from booking an appointment to ordering the finish product a breeze! We've used her twice & both times I have been treated like her friend, not a client. She's very laid back, extremely fun yet remains professional. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer. I'm always amazed at all her work.

Amanda Baker




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