Sure, you've had your picture taken. But nothing compares to the experience of being captured by Sheri and Bella Bambino photography.

The song and dance routine that you have perfected behind the photographers back can be permanently retired. No binkies or stuffed animals, no jumping jacks or rattles, just come prepared to see your children in a new light. The unique thing about having your loved ones captured by Bella Bambino is that Sheri does all the work. Her personal charm captivates her subjects and kisses every image. So relax and embrace your break from the arduous task of lion tamer, and truly enjoy the timeless mementos of your children that only Sheri and Bella Bambino can provide.

In the last few years Sheri Grippo has changed the way folks look at their loved ones. It was a change that did not happen in a studio, but rather in old alleys, dusty hay barns, on railroad tracks and in the street. It was done with natural light and ethereal images. It was done with a smile, a sharp focus and an attention to the details that showcase the unique things that make your loved ones so wonderful. You only need a camera to take a photo. You need Bella Bambino Photography to take a photo and bring it to life.