So….What do you do on a Saturday….when you are off work…. [this is what we do] Sunday Morning Coffee

Posted on 10.3.2009

Ok- as most of my faithful blog followers are already aware, I did not make it to LA this weekend. I had a super fun trip planned with my fabulous friend Sarah and last minute, we….um…ok, I….decided not to proceed with the trip. Most of you already know that I am a semi-weirdo when it comes to flying- and that is why I didn’t make it. That is all water under the bridge- because this weekend has been very fruitful, I must say. It started yesterday with a 2.5 hour drive to an amazing little boutique in Jonesboro, Arkansas [Steamroller Blues]. Yes, we actually drove 2.5 hours to go to one boutique- and 2.5 hours back….and YES, it was well worth it- because I think between Sarah and I, we actually purchased the entire boutique. What can I say?! We were replacing LA shopping with this experience- so it is completely condoned. To celebrate our new purchases I concocted this fabulous idea, that since I was technically not supposed to be here, I was going to pretend I didn’t have any real work to do and we would dress up in some of our new clothes and have a photoshoot! So, I don’t know what normal people do when they are off work on a  Saturday, but apparently, this is what we do! =) I did realize that I am MUCH better at shooting when I am on the correct side of the camera, but poor Sarah was a trooper, and we did the best that we could. So- here are a few of our images from today. ENJOY!! [Ps- beyond the shopping trip on steroids and “just for fun” photoshoot, I also was able to witness my little man score 3 more touchdowns today- so this weekend ended up being just as fantastic as it would have been if I had been soaking up the sun in Cali. =)























Coleson- my little athlete [sunday morning coffee]

Posted on 9.27.2009

I have two children, as most of you know. However, Aslyn, my four year old daughter receives most of the “blog love”. This is mainly because she is actually drawn to the camera. My little man, Coleson, age 6- is….hmmmm….repelled from the camera, I would say! So- he is not often featured on my blog, because I only force him to model for me on special occasions….. I only believe in torturing children when it is completely necessary. =) Coleson is different then Aslyn. He is less talkative, less outgoing, less of a performer. He is more serious and internalizes way more. But… he is highly intelligent…..and he is an extraordinary athlete. I do understand that most parents like to brag about their children, and I must say that I don’t mind it myself! But, Coleson is actually a stand-out in any sport in which he participates. At age 4 he actually won the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP in wrestling! He used to battle 7 year olds – at age 4 – and triumph. It was pretty astonishing! When he is on the field or “sports stage” he generally just …..shines. This last year, Coleson participated in Karate, Jujitsu, Wrestling, T-ball, and Football. His first football game of the season was yesterday. He scored 3 touchdowns and pulled 5 flags. He was amazing. [ps- I am one of Coleson's football coaches...on my first day, they told me I couldn't wear stilettos on the field....what do they know!?] So finalizing Coleson’s blog love- here is an image from yesterday!




I do have a son….and his name is Coleson. =) [sunday "night" coffee]

Posted on 8.30.2009

So, my Sunday morning coffee has apparently turned into Sunday “Night” coffee….tea, actually, because that is what I am drinking!  This Sunday discussion is all about Coleson. You see, I realized that I barely ever feature Coleson on my blog. Aslyn dominates my website and blog. That is not because she is the favored child…..that is because she adores the camera. Coleson does NOT love it, he actually borderline loathes it.  However, when the price is right, he will do the job. It has been quite some time since I shot and showcased this fabulously beautiful little man, so I thought it was time to hire him. Well, today was well worth the price ( a stuffed TY beanie baby from Walgreens).  Sundays are not only my favorite day, but also my kids. It is known around here as SUNDAY FUNDAY. This is the day that “POP POP” hangs out with the kids, gives them rides on the four-wheeler and tractor, puts both of them to work digging up weeds etc. They love it. So, here are a few images from our day and my Mini Coleson shoot. ENJOY!

Yes…this is Aslyn in the bokah of this image… know she couldn’t not have some part in the shoot!















Giving Back [sunday morning coffee]

Posted on 5.24.2009

So- I have utilized the Bella Bambino Gives Back program a few times in the last few months. Considering the circumstances in which I have shot for this program, I wish it were less; but with my desire to do give back, I would love to do more. These beautiful children below have been forced to deal with suffering that none should have to. Their strength should be a lesson to all of us. When I was at a benefit for little Katelyn, her mom said that someone told her that God would only allow the children who were strong enough to endure something like this. They are warriors and I am blessed to have been able to capture their precious sprits. 2 of the 3 of these children are patients at St. Judes. If you would like to donate to ST. JUDES to help babies such as these click on the link below. When I explained the program on the blog back in the day I know that I described how fortunate I feel that I am on so many levels, but very much so because this gift that I was given allows me to do what  I love….everyday….and call it my “job”. I have always had a strong desire to help people- now I have a tool that I can utilize to bring joy to families that could use it the most. I would love to use my program more, so again, if anyone knows of a family that you believe would be a candidate for the BBGB program, please contact me. With all of this thought about my program and the recent pro-bono work that I have done and yearn to do- it reminded me that we all need to do a little more giving back. I believe that sometimes we get so caught up in the trials, tribulations and even joys of our own lives that we are too busy to stop and realize that there are an awful lot of people that could use our help. Even if we help on a small scale- we are doing our part. In a time when the economy is as shakey as it is, we all fear releasing our wallets- so even if it is your time and or talents that you donate that is better then not donating at all. I am listing below a few of the charities that are close to my heart and that I have some affiliation with. I will also permanately have these charities in the LINKS section of my blog. Please check them out!                                                            

Beautiful Baby BELLA who was adopted from Guatamala and then diagnosed with Leukemia shortly after coming to America. 






Little Miss Katelyn




The sweet ROBBIE and his little bro MASON. This little man loved his baby brother so much it was unbelievable. I don’t know that I have ever seen such a protective and loving big brother in quite some time.



And who can forget the amazing MIKE HAYDEN who is battling with cancer as well. Check out my previous post about his family to learn more about his story.



Sunday Morning Coffee- Announcing…. [BELLA BAMBINO DECOR CONTEST!!!!]

Posted on 3.15.2009

First, I have to say, I do believe that I have the best clients that any business could possibly have….maybe I am just partial, but I believe it! I hear so many clients talking about blog posts that they look at every day and about how their walls have a whole new look since they visited Bella Bambino….SO….In honor of all past clients who both are faithful blog watchers and have Bella Bambino Art adorning their walls, I am holding a fun contest! The BELLA BAMBINO DECOR CONTEST is a on! I have walked into clients homes before and was just astonished at the collages and diplays of the art of their children. As most of you know, I do believe that the contemporary, fine-art images of your favorite little people are the best choice of decor!The question is….who has the best display of BELLA BAMBINO images in their house??? It does not matter who has the MOST images displayed, or if it is some crazy creative display…..we just want to see HOW you have displayed your BELLA BAMBINO ART. You may just take the prize because we think that it is the coolest, most artsy, most creative….or just simply looks the best to our eye! Me as well as my photographers from my 3 other branches will be the judges for half of the score and the other half will be voted on by the public! THE PRIZE…….$$$$200.00 Bella Bambino Bucks! So….right now….break out your camera and snap a few shots of your display of your BELLA BAMBINO ART! Shoot me an email with your image attatched along with your name and your children’s names and add a little note about how you feel about your Bella Bambino Art display! The contest will run from TODAY, SUNDAY- March 15th until SUNDAY, March 29th. HAPPY SNAPPING! EMAIL YOUR IMAGE TO If you have any questions call the studio at  573.651.4408.

CONTEST: Who has the best display of BELLA BAMBINO ART on their walls?

DEADLINE: March 15th to March 29th

PRIZE: $200.00 Bella Bambino Bucks



Slacking on the SUNDAY MORNING COFFEE…..

Posted on 8.31.2008

Ok, so…..I have really been slacking on my Sunday Morning Coffee posts! I have vowed to refresh and restart the random rantings that are Sunday Morning Coffee posts next week….but for now- here is one “sneak peak” image from one of my shoots yesterday. This little girl is a contestant for the Bella Bambino [beautiful baby] contest. It was SUCH a pleasure to photograph her! ENJOY!


Sunday Morning Coffee…..Some Recent Faves!!

Posted on 8.17.2008

I have been so CRAZY busy lately that I haven’t posted any images in a while! SO- seeing as how I am devoid of any inspirational or humorous stories to relay, I have chosen to have a “visual” sunday morning coffee!! Feast your eyes on these fun images from the past few weeks! The newborn is a sneak peak and the rest of these images are some recent favorites. Enjoy!









Sunday Morning Coffee……[artists??]

Posted on 7.20.2008

For this Sunday Morning Coffee discussion, I would like to complain a little bit! I would like to discuss individuals who call themselves artists, yet they steal the art or ideas of others to promote themselves. The soul and very essence of an artist is his or her creativity. The fact that so-called artists could capitialize off of the creativity of others is beyond my understanding. I recently had a few events occur that prompted this discussion, one of which I am going to discuss in detail. A fellow “self-proclaimed” photographer has recently been exposed by a photography forum that I belong to. Hoffman Photography in St. Louis, Missouri STOLE numerous other photographer’s images and created her own website and portfolio with them. I was recently informed that one of my images were used for one of her main pages. I was shocked and appauled! An individual who is supposed to use HER creativity and talent- steals someone elses and tries to pass is off as her own. Those who do this are not artists…..they are theives. Below is a screen capture of my image on HER website.

I am saddened not only for the NUMEROUS amazing photographers whose images have been stolen, but also for the clients of this lady who will be hiring this photographer based upon images that are not hers. There are other “artists” who aren’t as obvious- they do not steal actual images, but they steal ideas…..they steal the creativity of another artist. These individuals are eqaually at fault. I do suppose that those of us who are copied should be honored…..they do say that copying is the greatest form of flattery! Anyway, the point of the negative ranting is that people who live their lives claiming to be an artist- defined as artist: creative person whose work shows sensitivity and imagination- should either use their OWN creativity and imagination, or they should call themselves something else……like……expert imiators- or even something more generic….like copycats.

*****BY THE WAY….I promise that next week’s Sunday Morning Coffee will be WAY more cheerful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) Have a great Sunday!!!!


Sunday Morning Coffee: my first =)

Posted on 7.6.2008

Every Sunday morning I am going to just discuss something random…..who knows what I will feel like blabbing about?! This morning I feel like talking about my mother. My mother is an extremely talented woman….she has a specific talent that not many people have. She is a gifted…..RETURNER/REFUNDEE/GET MONEY BACK-er. Yes, thats right- she can return ANY purchase- at ANY time- to ANY store. Not- only can she get EXACTLY what she wants out of the transaction- meaning- money back, an exchanged item, credit; she has the ability to achieve her goal, get gifts beyond it and have the customer service individuals apologizing profusely. The funny thing is that it doesn’t matter how outrageous the return is. She can do it. People often come to her with a gadget that they need to send back, but…..the return days have expired- or it is broken by their own fault….etc etc. They challenge her….”I know you are good…..but there is NO way you can return this!” She, of course, accepts their challenge and ALWAYS triumphs! Her stories are hillarious! Her most recent feat was a challenge of my own. I had a cell phone bill come in. My normal bill is 50.00 a month. I read the balance before me- 837.89!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UM…..yup- I went over my minutes by something silly- like 3000- (must have had a lot to say that month!) Anyway- it was clear that it was an overage on my part. I had NO justification for attempting to reduce it. I called- they said- sorry, you went over your minutes. I said- ok. I called my mother. She called me back and said “Your balance is now 164.00.” She will often not divulge her secrets! She is even funnier during her in-person battles, because she reaches all of 4’10 in height! I continue to tell her that she has missed her calling and needs to start her own business….Now we just need a name…..