April 7, 2013 - 8:17 pm

There has been plenty of talk of angels in our home over the past month and a half. Aslyn, especially, imagines her sister, Valentina, as an angel living it up in Heaven; beautiful and whole. I know this because when she draws our family…..this is how she portrays her and I love it. It just so happens that one of my very best friends has a daughter, Mia, who is Aslyn’s very best friend. Aslyn and Mia share more than Moms who are best friends….they also share loss. Mia and Aslyn both lost their baby sisters before they even made it to Earth. Before Mia was born, her sister Lillian went to Heaven at about the same age as Valentina. What makes our bond even stronger and our stories more interwoven is that we buried Valentina right beside Lillian. My best friend Sarah and I know that they are having the best time hanging out in Heaven. We tell our children that often and it provides us a joy and comfort that is indescribable. With Sarah’s styling, I wanted to create a series of images where Aslyn and Mia could pay tribute to Valentina and Lillian by portraying them just as we envision them; prancing through Heaven praising God and basking in His glory together.

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